Ring Binders

Ring Binders

"Ring binders are our bread and butter!"

For over 25 years we have been specialising in creating the ideal ring binders, lever arch files and presentation binders for our customers.

We can create any binder required but also hold a large quantity in stock.  If you can not find exactly what you require, give us a call to discuss a bespoke binding solution.

Ring Binder Materials

We have a wide range of ring binders in many types of materials. We primarily work with sheet plastic but also offer polypropylene (for a lighter weight binder), and leather look aka polyurethane or PU (for the classy ring binder look). All our ring binders are made from (at least) partially recycled materials and are fully recyclable.

Ring Binder Designs

We offer a range of ring binder designs, by selecting the format of the cover, type of ring mechanism and any additional features you can be assured of getting exactly the binder that you want.

Cover format: Besides the material we make the binders in you also have a choice of format, so besides a standard portrait ring binder we also produce landscape ring binders or flip chart / easel binders.

Ring mechanism: Once you have decided on the cover of your binder then it is time to consider the ring mechanism. How much paper do you need to store? How much space do you have on your shelf? Each ring binder should give you a rough idea on the spine size for your shelf and the ring size and how much paper it can hold. We also offer two sizes of lever arch mechanisms for easier to access lever arch files.

Additional features: Many of the stock binders also have other features not previously mentioned. For example the presentation binders come with pockets on the front cover and the spine so you can add your own artwork or designs or there are the combi-box polypropylene binders which in addition to working as a ring binder will also hold loose sheets like a box.