Time to celebrate all things stationery with National Stationery Week.

National Stationery WeekImagine the buzz of excitement in the Abbey offices, now that we have the opportunity to sing the praises of all our products without fear of ridicule.  National Stationery Week is official! We can celebrate together, because, at heart, we’re stationery geeks—and proud of it. We’re the sort of people who loved the beginning of the school term, with our shiny new files and binders and a fresh supply of pens and pencils. With us, it’s just continued into adulthood…

Stationery or stationary?

With great presence of mind, the National Stationery Week organisers cited this as one of their aims:

To get more people spelling stationery with an E

No, National Stationery Week is not anything to do with spending seven days without moving, though that certainly has its appeal in these busy times. A handy tip for remembering which spelling is correct for stationery, as in writing and office materials, is E is for envelope. Works for us! Abbey Stationery…with an E. (Two, if you count the one in Abbey.) Learning that could be your first NSW activity.

What’s National Stationery Week all about?

It’s partly about promoting the dying art of putting pen to paper and writing by hand. In these days of doing everything on a word processor, it’s a sad thought that handwritten letters and notes may become a thing of the past. Imagine everything in digital form, stored on your computer. While this has its place, reading everything off a screen may be environmentally-sound but it’s not good for your eyes, and it’s so soulless, somehow.Additionally, the idea of NSW is to get consumer media talking about stationery, highlighting favourite products and brands. And where does Abbey Stationery come into all this? Well, we provide beautiful files, folders and binders in which you can store your lovely writing – letters, documents and notes from classes and lectures.Binders for Schools from Abbey Stationery

Let’s use National Stationery Week to get organised!

If your office or study is organised, then you’ll be more efficient. ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind,’ they say, don’t they? Any office, home or work-based, accumulates vast swathes of paperwork, so files, folders and binders are crucial as storage options to stop the chaos before it starts.Don’t ever think that these stationery products are one-size-fits-all. We have a huge range of options depending on what you want to store and how you want to store it. A single sheet of paper, a few pages or a great sheaf? On display, in drawers, on shelves or in stacks?Celebrate National Stationery Week with Abbey Stationery. Contact us for all your filing needs.