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  1. Hole Punching Guide

    Everything you ever wanted to know about hole punching paper for ring binders

    —but didn’t think to ask.

    On November 14th, 1886, Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for a Papierlocher für Sammelmappen—that humble, but essential testament to German engineering, the hole punch—the design of which has hardly changed in nearly a century and a half. So on top of hole punching, Soennecken can also be thanked for the ring binder. Here at Abbey Stationery, we raise a glass to him. Thank you for our best-selling product, which makes organising and storing piles of paper so much more efficient.

    Size matters!

    We’ve all done it...wielded the office hole punch on a sheaf of documents,
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  2. Hello world!

    Welcome to the new Abbey Stationery Blog.It's been a long time coming with a few fits and starts along the road but we have a working blog.To start with we are hoping to provide news about the business, offers and guides.Stay tuned!

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