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  • National Stationery Week: April 23rd – 29th 2018

    Time to celebrate all things stationery with National Stationery Week.

    National Stationery Week

    Imagine the buzz of excitement in the Abbey offices, now that we have the opportunity to sing the praises of all our products without fear of ridicule.  National Stationery Week is official! We can celebrate together, because, at heart, we’re stationery geeks—and proud of it. We’re the sort of people who loved the beginning of the school term, with our shiny new files and binders and a fresh supply of pens and pencils. With us, it’s just continued into adulthood…

    Stationery or stationary?

    With great presence of mind, the National Stationery Week organisers cited this as one of their aims:

    To get more people spelling stationery with an E

    No, National Stationery Week is not anything to do with spending seven days without moving, though that certainly has its appeal in these busy times. A handy tip for remembering which spelling is correct for stationery, as in writing and office materials, is E is for envelope. Works for us! Abbey Stationery…with an E. (Two, if you count the one in Abbey.) Learning that could be your first NSW activity.

    What’s National Stationery Week all about?

    It’s partly about promoting the dying art of putting pen to paper and writing by hand. In these days of doing everything on a word processor, it’s a sad thought that handwritten letters and notes may become a thing of the past. Imagine everything in digital form, stored on your computer. While this has its place, reading everything off a screen may be environmentally-sound but it’s not good for your eyes, and it’s so soulless, somehow.

    Additionally, the idea of NSW is to get consumer media talking about stationery, highlighting favourite products and brands. And where does Abbey Stationery come into all this? Well, we provide beautiful files, folders and binders in which you can store your lovely writing – letters, documents and notes from classes and lectures.

    Binders for Schools from Abbey Stationery

    Let’s use National Stationery Week to get organised!

    If your office or study is organised, then you’ll be more efficient. ‘Tidy desk, tidy mind,’ they say, don’t they? Any office, home or work-based, accumulates vast swathes of paperwork, so files, folders and binders are crucial as storage options to stop the chaos before it starts.

    Don’t ever think that these stationery products are one-size-fits-all. We have a huge range of options depending on what you want to store and how you want to store it. A single sheet of paper, a few pages or a great sheaf? On display, in drawers, on shelves or in stacks?

    Celebrate National Stationery Week with Abbey Stationery. Contact us for all your filing needs.

  • Pack a punch with a homebuyers' welcome pack

    Calling house builders, property developers and estate agents everywhere!

    Why think about a homebuyers' welcome pack? Why ever not! You know that, as a company with integrity, your job doesn't end as soon as the contract is signed. Those people who've bought a new home, thanks to your services, are embarking on a new phase of their lives. They have a myriad of things to think about. 'But buying a house is easy. It's not at all stressful,'—says no-one ever.

    Providing a bespoke homebuyers' welcome pack, sourced from Abbey Stationery, is a practical way you could support your clients. Why should you bother (apart from the fact that you're a decent human being!)? Well, that sort of attention to detail means you're creating happy customers. Happy customers will give you good reviews, use your services again and recommend you to others. So as a marketing tool, if you want to look at it cynically, it's money well spent for you.

    So what is a homebuyers' welcome pack?

    Just to be clear, in this context we're not talking about a hamper full of essential household goodies or luxury treats, though there's nothing to stop you doing that as well. (Think of all those extra Brownie points!) No, here at Abbey, we're talking about bespoke boxes, which we could print or emboss with your company logo and create in the colourway that matches your branding. We've already supplied to some prestigious building companies, so don't be left behind when it comes to impressing and serving your clients.

    We can do as much or as little as you want. As leading UK manufacturers, we can tailor any of our products to your exact requirements, working in the material of your choice. We have tooling for lots and lots of designs so we can supply runs from as little as 20 to a massive 10,000 at guaranteed best prices.

    At the lower end of the range, you could choose a simple polypropylene box with keybox and polypropylene dividers, labelled to your requirements, for different documentation.

    For a more luxurious high-quality effect, which will reflect well on your company, showing it to be a business of distinction, how about this? A PU leather box with multiple options for the interior, including inner boxes, a handy place for the house keys, and dividers.


    And what could go into a homebuyers' welcome pack? 

    Keeping track of appliance information, guarantees, manuals and other household paperwork is one of those jobs that is a complete pain to manage. With one of our boxes, thanks to you, your customers will have a practical and stylish way to be organised. For this, they'll thank you for for the rest of their home-owning days, especially when they've just moved in.  What better than a unique little reference library for them, containing all the information they need to run the household smoothly?

    P.S. You can use these welcome boxes for other purposes.

    Think tenant move-in packs, boxes for holiday-let and Airbnb information documents. Consider new employee welcome packs, or packs for recently-joined members of organisations and charities.  How about conference packs, membership packs for golf clubs and the like, private school information packs? The list goes on... Think outside the box—and order boxes from Abbey Stationery!

    All those options, and of course, the subject of this blog, the homebuyers' welcome pack. All so much more than a great marketing tool which will showcase your company and encourage recommendations and future purchases. They are also a stylish, durable and genuinely useful item for your customers.

    For more infomation please check out the new homes welcome pack page on our website.



  • Hole Punching Guide

    Everything you ever wanted to know about hole punching paper for ring binders

    —but didn’t think to ask.

    On November 14th, 1886, Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for a Papierlocher für Sammelmappen—that humble, but essential testament to German engineering, the hole punch—the design of which has hardly changed in nearly a century and a half. So on top of hole punching, Soennecken can also be thanked for the ring binder. Here at Abbey Stationery, we raise a glass to him. Thank you for our best-selling product, which makes organising and storing piles of paper so much more efficient.

    Size matters!

    We’ve all done it...wielded the office hole punch on a sheaf of documents, only to find that the file we planned to use has three rings not two and they’re spaced incorrectly. Those mistakes are not only wasteful, but time-consuming and frustrating, so here’s a handy guide for you to avoid such mishaps in the future, to ensure the right number of holes, for the ring binder that’s most fit for purpose:

    A4  and A5 sized documents

    • 2-ring binders - simple, economic, holes spaced at 80mm apart,  but if you’re going to be turning those pages a lot, best avoided because they’re more likely to tear.
    • 3-ring binders - these are rarely used in the UK—common in the US—holes spaced at 108-108 mm on A4 and 70-70mm on A5.  We could get them for you if required, but they’re not standard
    • 4-ring binders - good for heavy use (catalogues, price lists etc.), least risk of tearing, holes spaced at 80-80-80 mm on A4 and 45-65-45mm on A5.

    We can also offer:

    Universal punching

    A versatile choice for you, with files and wallets designed to use for all inserts, with any conformation of holes

    Landscape binders

    With these, the rings conform to the short side—for example, A4 landscape will have A5 specification rings, and A3 will have A4.

    Check out our landscape binders.

    Binder dimension options

    In the table below, you can see the dimensions of our 2-ring and 4-ring  binders.

    • The ring size determines how much paper will go into the binder. We can’t specify the number of sheets because it depends on the thickness of the paper.
    • The spine width will determine how many binders you can fit on your shelf!
    Ring size Spine width Notes
    11mm 20mm
    15mm 25mm
    20mm 32mm
    25mm 38mm
    30mm 45mm
    35mm 45mm Lever arch
    40mm 50mm
    50mm 70mm
    65mm 89mm Lever arch
    80mm 102mm Arch, not ring

    As modern workplaces trek further into digital realms, we’re sure there will always be a place for hard copy. Here at Abbey, we’re always pleased to help you with all your binding requirements.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to the new Abbey Stationery Blog.

    It's been a long time coming with a few fits and starts along the road but we have a working blog.

    To start with we are hoping to provide news about the business, offers and guides.

    Stay tuned!

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